WebMynd: a new approach to “organizing” what you see on the web


Here at WebMynd we are taking a new approach to the way you organize what you see on the web. We say don’t organize! Just save everything. When you want to see it again just peek into your WebMynd, what your looking for will be there waiting for you. All of a sudden the internet is an extension of your own memory!

The product and concept have just been covered on TechCrunch, you can read about it here.

We are only at the beginning of what you will be able to do with your WebMynd. Stay tuned for much more to come…


6 Responses to “WebMynd: a new approach to “organizing” what you see on the web”

  1. the idea seems to be good, lets see how good it works

  2. Am using Firefox version 3.0b2 and upon pressing “Install” – WebMynd is not installed because it does not provide secure updates

    Please check and add to FAQ reg FF 3.0b2 support if necessary. I wish not necessary 🙂

  3. 3 WebMynd Team

    As you point out, we currently only support Firefox 2, but we are working hard to get it working well win Firefox 3 and hope to have something ready within the next few days.

  4. I’m a little baffled as to how you “play back” sites you’ve visited. Do you have an API for developers who want to incorporate this in to their apps as I have an app that would pair with this very well.

  5. is it configurable so that we can store the log on a DIFFERENT drive from the one on which Firefox is installed?

  6. Very interesting e inovator webservice!


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