Linux Support: new WebMynd extension available


Based on inital user feedback on our forum, this blog and TechCrunch we have made a couple of changes to the WebMynd extension for Firefox.

The latest version is 0.2.6 and is available from our homepage. If you’ve already installed the earlier version or trial versions you may be automatically prompted to update it the next time you restart Firefox.

The changes include:

– A bug fix which means we can now support Linux

– A change to the way we take a snapshot of the page which should improve browser performance

There has been some confusion over our charging model and where data is stored so, to reiterate:

– The thumbnails and full images of webpages are stored locally on your hard-drive. The text content is sent up to our servers for indexing so we can offer full text search now and social features in the future. You can ‘playback’ your browse by hitting the WebMynd icon to the right of the URL toolbar. This loads a page from our website to give two playback modes: reeler and grid.

– You will be able to view all browser history and WebMarks (take a WebMark using the star icon next to the url bar) through our interfaces for free. You will be able to search your entire browser history for the last 7 days for free, and your WebMarks indefinitely. However, the index does take up storage space on our servers which is why we offer upgrades if you want to be able to search your whole browser history through our interfaces for longer periods.

Please do keep the feedback coming in and we will respond as quickly as we can. We would love to hear from you.


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