TextMate syntax highlighting for ConfigObj and INI files


We use ConfigObj configuration files pretty extensively at WebMynd; it would be nice to use the ConfigParser module available in Python’s standard library, but the extra features ConfigObj has, such as lists, multi-line strings and nested sections, make it hard to say no to the richer library…

Unfortunately, TextMate doesn’t come with support for ConfigObj syntax, but the editor’s excellent Bundle Editor allowed me to fix that pretty easily.

Here is an example ConfigObj file as I see it in TextMate, with two different “Font & Color” schemes:

TextMate language definitions use regular expressions to categorise text in a file (into keywords, constants, variables and so on). The regexes I’ve put together for this ConfigObj bundle are somewhat fragile – if you try to break it you probably will.

However, it should be good enough for the majority of configuration in the majority of files. As an added bonus, ConfigObj syntax is a superset of INI syntax, so you get the full poly-chromatic experience in .cfg and .ini files alike!

If you’re a TextMate user, download this file, unzip it and double-click on ConfigObj.tmbundle.


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