Redesign & Content Concierge Self-Service platform come to WebMynd


Sahil here, from the WebMynd team. James, Amir and I have been working like mad men over the past few months to deliver new and exciting changes to the WebMynd service.


To start, we are very excited to announce the official launch of our brand new sidebar design. It was time to give the product a facelift, and with the help of a few sketches from the team and a web design expert, Richard Kramer – we pulled it off. There are of course ongoing visual/functionality tweaks to be made, but we are looking forward to any and all feedback from you.

Download the new WebMynd Search Sidebar for Firefox here: Install Now. Or go to our homepage to install it for other browsers.

In the spirit of facelifts, we couldn’t leave our website out of the chic makeover party. With the help of a few more binder-paper sketches and another web design expert, David Kidger of Squidge Inc, we gave our website a much needed redesign to reflect our awesome new sidebar. Check out the new website here

Content Concierge:

We soft-launched Content Concierge just about three weeks ago and have had some incredible reception. With the CC platform, any publisher or even user who has his/her own site they want to promote, can head over to our website, click “Create your Search Sidebar” and in a matter of minutes, generate their own search sidebar.

When users install your sidebar, by default, it will have the sources that you defined upon creation (adding multiple website verticals like Yahoo! NBA andYahoo! MLB is pretty cool). We even provide a pretty spiffy landing page that we generate for you to promote and use as the destination for your uses to download your search sidebar.

So far, we’ve had over 50 libraries from around the world using our CC platform to create a search sidebar that will let them combine their University’s  scholarly catalog sources into one tool, where, when a user engages in his/her normal search behavior and searches Yahoo! / Google / Bing, they will get results from all sources the library defined during the search sidebar creation process. Generally, these are sources from their OPAC catalog where many of the sources are behind authentication servers or even proxy servers…have no fear, the WebMynd team can help you build a sidebar with widgets that require logging in and even proxy account logins.

To get help getting setup, just shoot us an email at: WebMynd Support

Thanks to our friends, Aaron Tay (librarian at National University of Singapore) and another fellow librarian, Guus Van Den Brekel – word is out on the librarian street that WebMynd Content Concierge is the new big thing for making a useful utility for staff/faculty/students since sliced bread. Check out their blog posts: Guus’ Post on WebMynd CC | Aaron’s Post on WebMynd CC

We have plenty of updates to come for Content Concierge, and many of the questions Aaron and Guus had around editing/deleting sidebars have been addressed (as well as the other small tweaks) and the new functionality is live on the alpha. We look forward to keeping you all up to date on the latest and greatest from WebMynd with things like an entirely new sidebar creation page/process with some awesome new features that will allow you to make even more kick-ass sidebars for your users.

As always, we look forward to answering any questions, getting any feedback and discussing cool new things WebMynd can do in the future. Please visit our new Getsatisfaction forum to post your questions/feedback/cool ideas for the future of WebMynd: WebMynd Forum

Blog comments are cool too.



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  1. 1 Jay M.

    Good info Sahil. Great idea to target university libraries to help promote your product. I can see this being very useful to students and researchers. Easy way to gather information from relevant trusted sources. Keep up the good work!

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