Upgrade to Search Tabs


We’ve just released a new version of our sidebar for Firefox and Chrome. Upgrade your sidebar to try it now and see the new “Search Tabs” interface.

Search Tabs interface

New "Search Tabs" interface

On search pages, you can see favicons on the right: these are the Tabs. Just hover over them and a small widget will appear showing you relevant search results from one of your top sources.

Search Tabs results widget

Search Tabs results widget

It’s a way you can get all the benefits of The Search Sidebar in a smaller interface. You can minimize the sidebar to just see the Tabs, or maximize it to access all features, just by clicking on the blue “WebMynd” tab.

In this release we’ve also made a couple of other changes:

  • Added new sources: Quora, iTunes, Crunchbase
  • Improved our recommendations of which source to try based on keywords e.g. search for “i love cheese” and you’ll see RecipePuppy results come up
  • Fixed a clash with Feedly on Firefox: the sidebar now works just fine with it

Let us know what you think!


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