Tabble! Get relevant Gmail emails integrated right into Facebook.


We’re announcing a new product. Tabble. Go try it now…

If you find yourself looking people up on LinkedIn or Facebook, and researching companies on Crunchbase or Quora, you’ll want to try it. It shows you relevant emails from your Gmail account and profiles from all your top cloud apps in one place. This makes is easier for you to keep tabs on people and companies.

For example, here I’m looking up a friend on Crunchbase, notice the unobtrusive favicons on the right:

If I hover over the Gmail favicon, I see we have a meeting scheduled.

I can also see his company got funded recently from the SEC filings.

Without needing to go to multiple sites, I get the full picture on my friend. We call this CLOUD INTEGRATION. You don’t need to share your login details with us. We don’t crawl your data. It’s as if you went and did all that research yourself. It doesn’t matter that Gmail and Facebook aren’t open, we solve that problem for you. Like it?

Let us know what you think of this new product from WebMynd!

What do we mean by CLOUD INTEGRATION? There’s more… you’ll have to email us.


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