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Author: Anton Savchenko (Software Engineer) Level: Beginner Description: knows javascript, getting started with browser extension development window.location is an object which contains information about the document URL. This object also exposes methods for URL modification. There is a known bug in Firefox when retrieving the location.hash property. This property returns the URL following the hash symbol(#), however […]

Author: Anton Savchenko (Software Engineer) Level: Intermediate Description: knows their way around Chrome and Firefox extension development Javascript provides an initMouseEvent method for initializing and firing mouse click events. Although the syntax is the same across Chrome and Firefox the behavior is slightly different. The documentation states that all parameters are mandatory and Firefox spews out error messages if any are omitted, […]

Author: Amir Nathoo (Co-founder) Level: Intermediate Description: knows their way around Chrome and Firefox extension development Google Chrome has a built-in API call that lets extensions take screenshots of the pages users see: chrome.tabs.captureVisibleTab In fact, there’s even a code sample showing how to do this in the Google Chrome Extension documentation. It’s a little […]

Equivalent to beforeload event for Firefox extensions Author: James Brady (Co-founder) Level: Expert Description: assumes detailed knowledge of Chrome and Firefox extension development You can use the beforeload event to block loading of resources on webpages – Disconnect uses this to prevent Facebook widgets from loading and capturing your browsing data. Here’s how you use […]

We’re announcing a new product. Tabble. Go try it now… If you find yourself looking people up on LinkedIn or Facebook, and researching companies on Crunchbase or Quora, you’ll want to try it. It shows you relevant emails from your Gmail account and profiles from all your top cloud apps in one place. This makes […]

We’ve just released a new version of our sidebar for Firefox and Chrome. Upgrade your sidebar to try it now and see the new “Search Tabs” interface. On search pages, you can see favicons on the right: these are the Tabs. Just hover over them and a small widget will appear showing you relevant search […]

Sahil here, from the WebMynd team. James, Amir and I have been working like mad men over the past few months to deliver new and exciting changes to the WebMynd service. Redesign: To start, we are very excited to announce the official launch of our brand new sidebar design. It was time to give the […]

We’ve partnered with to bring you the Capitalist Toolbar for Firefox and pioneer browser-based technologies that will keep the world’s business leaders informed. This first toolbar application brings you important news and commentary from wherever you are on the web. Learn more and install it now. The Capitalist Toolbar notifies you of breaking news […]

First Internet Explorer made browser addons a focus for their v8 release, then Chrome launched their own application gallery. And we’ve seen several startups launch browser based products in the last few weeks: Browsarity (give to charity while you browse), Rapportive (simple CRM on top of Gmail) and then Etacts, having previously launched their ‘personal […]

Most software projects start with a nice, clean, compartmentalised architecture, whether real or imagined. As implementation progresses, the lines between components tend to blur as unforeseen dependencies emerge and edge cases are dealt with. However, by the time it comes to deployment, you’ll probably still have a number of separate packages, with some (hopefully acyclic) […]