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Relational databases, and the object-relational mapping layers which abstract them, are not particularly well suited to storing large blobs of data: images, videos, pictures, compressed files and so on. Far better than streaming megabytes of binary to the database is to instead keep a reference into a separate store, better suited to the task of […]

Most software projects start with a nice, clean, compartmentalised architecture, whether real or imagined. As implementation progresses, the lines between components tend to blur as unforeseen dependencies emerge and edge cases are dealt with. However, by the time it comes to deployment, you’ll probably still have a number of separate packages, with some (hopefully acyclic) […]

The seamless integration of doctest, Nose, Sphinx and MiniMock makes writing good doc strings extremely useful in Python. Why can’t we use MiniMock in unit tests too?

Starting with Sphinx version 0.5, you can now control and launch your documentation builds from within the warm fuzzy world of setuptools!

Scaling on EC2


Being an extension on the Recommended List brings explosive growth. This is an overview of some the things we’ve done to contain that expansion.